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At Home Bachelorette Party Tips

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The At Home Bachelorette Party is a fun way to gather the bachelorette and her friends together to celebrate her pending wedding. Just because you aren't planning to go out on the town doesn't mean you can't have a great time at home. 

Themes & Idea's

It is important to choose a theme and/or activity that match the personality of the bride.  This party is a celebration of her friendships as much as her wedding so you don't want to embarrass her to the point of humiliation. 

- For the bachelorette who is a little more reserved, it would be best to choose a non-sexual themed party.  Some great ideas include a Tea Party or Slumber Party (complete with at home facials, movies, etc). For the tea party, consider sending individually wrapped teabags with the invitations and asking each guest to bring their own tea cup & saucer. Serve finger sandwiches, petit fours, scones & jam, or other light fare. Encourage your guests to dress up and perhaps wear hats!  For the slumber party, decorate pillowcases and send as invitations.  Rent lots of movies that are fun and romantic: My Best Friends Wedding, Four Weddings & A Funeral, Father of the Bride, and so on. Set up stations where people can do their own pedicures, manicures, and facials or invite local aestheticians to attend to the guests' wishes.

The wilder bachelorette is likely to hope for a little sizzle at her party.  Most people assume that means a stripper, which can certainly be a lot of fun.  There are other elements you can incorporate into the party in addition to or instead of the traditional stripper though too.

Party Games

Aside from hiring a stripper, Bachelorette Parties are best known for their funny games. Once again, you need to select games that are appropriate for the bride and her guests. Don't be too conservative though, this is a Bachelorette party after all! Having the party at someone's house gives you numerous options for games to play. Some of our favorites include: Pin the Macho, "Sex, Lies & Rumors", Nudie Doodle Pads, and "Twisted Minds."

Gifts For The Event

The Bachelorette Party gift should be in-line with the tone of the party. Is the bachelorette grandmother sipping tea next to you? In which case, some of our other favorite items include Para-dice and Furry Handcuffs.  Hopefully this sparks some ideas for the bride and groom on their wedding night. If not, there are some great books that can show them the way.

Gifts don't have to be just for the bachelorette. It is fun to put together party favor bag for the guests.

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